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1) Organisations

The International Animation Film Festival „Golden Kuker – Sofia” is organised by Animation studio and advertising agency ANIMART and BAICAA – Bulgarian Association of Independent Cartoon Animation Artists “Proyko Proykov”. The festival's Organising committee is in charge of the specifications related to the organisation and execution of IAFF Golden Kuker – Sofia.


The festival has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environment and Waters, Sofia Municipality Council, Sofia Municipality, National Film Centre and National Culture Fund and many Bulgarian municipalities.


2) Official Languages


The official languages of the festival are Bulgarian and English. All Bulgarian films submitted must have English subtitles. Animation films made for kids are dubbed into Bulgarian and they also require English subtitles. All films must be accompanied by a script and/or dialogue list in English.


3) Participation


Any frame by frame animated video or film made for cinema, television and/or the Internet may be entered. Any frame by frame or computer-assisted animated film made for public broadcast, television or Internet may enter. As The International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) definition applies: The art of animation is the creation of moving images through the manipulation of all varieties of techniques apart from live action methods.


Completed and polished films after January 1st, 2019 and never previously entered at IAFF Golden Kuker – Sofia will be accepted. Works must be registered in one of the following categories in order to compete:


a) short films (up to 1 min, 1 - 10 min, 10 – 45 min)

b) feature films (over 45 min)

c) student films

d) animation eco films

e) music videos

f) film for kids

g) TV series (episodes that have not previously been screened at the festival)


4) Technical requirements


Films submitted for selection will be used for both pre-selection screenings and screenings in the festival (if selected). Therefore, all works submitted must be in the proper format and they MUST NOT contain watermarks or anything else imprinted. Once selected for official screening, the film will be screened in the format you have provided (unless, the required format is DCP, in which case the distributors of the selected films will be required to send the films in DCP or the films will be converted into DCP by the technical team of the festival).


Animation films which take part in the festival will be screened simultaneously in indoor and outdoor theatre to give wider distribution.


Accepted formats:


VIDEO: (preferred aspect ratio - 16x9)

a) HD (High-definition): 720p, 1080i/1080p or other

AVI files with AVC, MJPEG, H.264 codecs or uncompressed

Quicktime movies (.mov) with AVC, MJPEG, h.264


b) SD (Standard-definition): PAL or NTSC

MPEG 2 files (.mpg or .vob or .mpeg or .ts)

MPEG 4 files (.mp4 or .m4v)

AVI files with MJPEG, h.264, XviD codec

Quicktime movies (.mov) with MJPEG, h.264



The audio shall always be either uncompressed, AC3, MP3 or AAC.


5) Submissions


All films must be sent no later than March 15th, 2021. You can submit your work through the Golden Kuker page in HTTPS://FILMFREEWAY.COM/GOLDENKUKERSOFIA, https://www.clickforfestivals.com/international-animation-film-festival-golden-kuker-sofia or through our website - HTTPS://2021.ANIMATIONFEST-BG.EU/EN/festival/register/


• Participation in the Golden Kuker Festival is charged, with standard fee being 15$ (dollars) and student fee being 10$ (dollars). The participants can apply with a film no later than 28.02.2021.

• Registering a film after payment does not guarantee participation in the festival. Participation in the festival and the competition for the respective category depends on the selection committee, which chooses which films continue and which do not.

• If the participant continues, he will be notified no earlier than 12.04.2021.

• If the participant wishes to withdraw from the festival, he has the right to do so within 14 calendar days from the date of registration of the film under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)

• In case of need to return the paid amount with a card, the amount will be refunded only on the card with which it was paid.

• The user must read the general terms and conditions of the site before making a payment.

Only correctly completed and signed entry forms will be accepted.

All received materials will remain a property of the archive of the Festival Committee, irrespective whether the film was selected for participation in the competition or not. In the event that the film is included in the competition program, they will be used in the festival publications.


If a film is selected for competition, the producer must provide an adequate supply of promotional material.


Film copies remain property of the festival.


All selected feature film directors must provide a high definition poster preferably (50/70 cm; 300 dpi)


6) Jury


The Organising Committee of IAFF Golden Kuker – Sofia will appoint the members of the Selection Committee and the International Jury. The Jury will be made up of 60% foreign personalities. 60% of the committees must be animation film professionals. None of the members should be in any way involved in the production or distribution of works submitted for selection.


The Selection committee and the Jury are responsible for choosing works presented in the official selection for films included in the competition program according to the various categories.


Films will be chosen according to their quality and interest. Producers whose films have been submitted for selection and were selected will be informed by mail before the festival. After written notification of the Selection committee's decision to the producers and directors, no request for the withdrawal of a film presented for the Official selection will be accepted.


7) Invitations / Accreditation


The conditions for covering expenses for film directors are the following:



Festival accreditation for all directors and producers of short films and features selected to compete.


Out of competition:

Directors and producers of short films and features will receive Festival accreditation

In no case will IAFF Golden Kuker – Sofia cover travel and accommodation expenses.


8) Awards


The jury will award the following prizes:


Grand Prix “Golden Kuker” for Best animated film

Special award “Proyko Proykov” - For best Bulgarian animated film

Best Super short animated film award (about 1 min)

Best Short animated film award (up to 10 min)

Best Short animated film award (from 10 to 45 min)

Best Feature animated film award (over 45 min)

Best Student animated film award

Best Short film made for kids award

Best Episode from TV series

Best Music video award

Best Animated eco film


At its own discretion, the International Jury may award other specialized prizes on behalf of professional organizations, public institutions, companies, etc.

The International Jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jury's view, meet its standards for recognition.


9) Rights and permissions


Each entrant declares to be the author or rights owner of the film(s) in competition and to own all the literary, dramatic and musical rights. The simple fact of each entrant taking part in the competition confers on the organisers the right to present the work and the accompanying materials for promotional purposes (in full or as an extract) on any media or public screening, and for non-commercial purposes; i.e. thematic screenings following the festival such as “Best of IAFF Golden Kuker” and “IAFF Golden Kuker On the road”. Award-winning films and films screened at IAFF Golden Kuker – Sofia may be shown in other theatres in Bulgaria as part of “IAFF Golden Kuker on the road”. A specific screening information will be published on the website of the festival.


The materials sent for participation in the festival cannot be returned or loaned during the festival. Extracts of films in the official selection will be put online on the official website of the festival.


10) Advertising and exhibition materials


The organisers are happy to receive any available advertising materials (posters, brochures, etc.), as well as a selection of original material used for the making of the film (storyboard, sketches, backgrounds, puppets, etc.). They will be showcased at the Festival's locations.


11) Non specified cases


The festival's Organisation Committee will settle any cases that fall outside the terms of the present regulations.


12) Data Protection


The information requested, including photos, is required for electronic or paper media linked to the festival. This information will also be used in the festival's promotional materials and on the official website and social network page of the festival.


13) Acceptance of terms


By submitting the Entry Form for the International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker – Sofia, the participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document. By the same token, the participants declare also that they are the copyright and distribution rights owners of the films.



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